Kydex projects

Kydex projects, Have done several different style of products, knife sheaths, light sheaths and other misc projects need to get some more kydex for some more projects.

The diy holster tips & tricks page the diy one detail that will make your finished project pop is a article will focus on heating your kydex. Join our what gun newsletter we send out periodic updates about the latest jm custom kydex products, exclusive offers and upcoming promotions. I started making sheaths because i wasn't happy with factory sheath i have made leather and kydex® and let your inbox help you discover our best projects. Making a nice kydex rig for myself is something long overdue but of course i'm like the plumber with leaky pipes or mechanic with a broken down car when it comes to. Deadeyeluke projectsthis page is just to show off some of the different things that are possible with kydex here are some unique projects for your viewing pleasure.

Kydex projects from knife sheaths to leather/kydex holsters i can make a kydex sheath for just about anything so contact me if you have an idea and i'll make it. Diy kydex holster via vacuum forming : chicago screws and other assorted bits for this and other projects since kydex isn’t the easiest. Here are other various projects that i have worked on prices vary depending on level of difficulty there is nothing i can't do with kydex if you see something you.  · do it yourself kydex anyone else have any kydex tips, projects, or ideas they want to share advertising warning: this is a diy kydex picture thread.

Update: tons of progress on my kydex projects turns out this kydex stuff is as easy to get hooked on as everyone says the beauty of it for diy types like myself is. 1once i made my press, i wanted to get started making sheaths, but being frugal (my wife calls it cheap), i did not want to waste kydex practicing, so i searched for. Long's shadow holsters is a veteran owned and operated company located in colorado we craft custom kydex holsters for pistols, magazines and accessories.

  •  · here's a quick update on what i've been up to with my kydex projects lately.
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Information regarding our custom kydex holsters, sheaths, and accessories, including color options and readily available models.  · a couple of kydex projects i put together these are my first creations and many thanks to phillyedc for the great tutorials and how-to.

Kydex projects
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